• 4 minute read

    You call that great?

    Is great work the goal? Everyone seems to be doing it. Or so they say. Shouldn’t the goal be to do the work that accomplishes the goal? Why settle for great when the work could be game-changing. And was that book you just read really great? Or was it so absorbing and original that you […]

  • 4 minute read

    And Then I Got Busy

    Lessons Learned While Launching a Small Business and a Website at the Same Time 129 days.  That’s how long it took for two of us to plan, design, develop, write, edit, proof, post and then, quite unceremoniously, at 8:06 in the evening, launch SparksFlycontent.com.  Most of those “days” were evenings and weekends. During the day, […]

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