Writer+Seller = Copywriter

Dawn Sparks

My job is to understand your customer so well that when I put the words together to talk to them about your product or service they think it’s about THEM.

I’m a seller and a writer.

I approach both with curiosity and an unrelenting empathy for the audience— job requirements if your job is to get people to nod their heads or spend their money and feel good about it.

I came into the business through the backdoor—at least I thought so at the time. Thirty years ago, I talked my way into a sales position at a local radio station. I wasn’t interested in sales, I was interested in writing commercials…you see where this is going. I spent the rest of my career selling and writing for media companies and marketing agencies. Learning what makes a good seller and what makes a good writer.

Here’s what I learned that will help you:

  • — Copywriting is selling. It’s not prose (although it can be beautiful). It’s not journalism (but it needs to be factual). It’s using words to sell.

    • — Customers don’t have funnels, they have feelings. Big ones. Important ones. Fear, worry, hope, excitement, dread, confusion. The message they want to hear from you has to deal with those feelings.

      • — Nobody wants to hear us talk about ourselves. They want to know how we are going to help them be a better version of themselves.

        • — I can do a better job for you if I can talk to your customers (or listen to you talk to your customers). I’m going to ask different questions and hear different words than you do. And because I’m not trying to earn a commission or follow a script, your customers will tell me things they haven’t told you. And that is where the magic happens.
photo of Mike Wezner, Marketing Manager

Mike Wezner, Marketing Manager


“It’s not very often you come across a copywriter like Dawn. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her through much of 2019 and into 2020, collaborating on multiple projects. Dawn’s quality of work, dedication, and unwaveringly positive attitude were pivotal in our successful launch of a new brand and website in October. We see her as an invaluable extension of our team.”

photo of Nicole MacLean, Partner and Experience Strategies Manager

Nicole MacLean, Partner and Experience Strategies Manager


“When you work with Dawn, you’re not just getting a freelance writer, you’re getting a strategic addition to your team. Dawn’s love of input and research means she’ll work to understand the full picture and ensure she’s not just checking a box, but truly giving an effective solution. She has brought new perspectives, ideas, insights and a lasting impact to our team.”

photo of Mandy Haskett, Brand Strategist

Mandy Haskett, Brand Strategist

“Great ads are so rarely just good designs. Words are what evoke real emotion. In a world where design templates are available off the shelf or from any number of great digital services, we rely on humans to bring them to life with words. Words are hard. But Dawn has the unique ability to climb inside the heart and mind of the intended audience and speak truthfully, simply and beautifully—transforming pictures into feelings, graphics into learning, and footage into story.”

photo of Phillip Berry, CEO

Phillip Berry, CEO

Northwind Pharmaceuticals

“Sparks Fly…what an apt descriptor for Dawn Sparks! Dawn’s amazing writing is complemented by her deep marketing expertise and a passion for moving people in action and thought. I can always count on Dawn to help us add energy, purpose, and clarity to our content.”

photo of Kim Jones, Vice President

Kim Jones, Vice President

Willow Marketing

“If I have a project that needs to really stand out and have that “wow factor”, I call Dawn. She was an integral part of  helping us capture the heart and passion of Willow during our rebrand. She was able to capture all the things we wanted to say and even the things we din’t know we needed to say!”

photo of Brooke Heffernan, Partnership Director

Brooke Heffernan, Partnership Director

Kicks Digital Marketing

“Dawn is a force. Her energy is unmatched. She has the unique ability to make you feel like the only person in a crowded room. She’s invested. She seeks to understand and then to clarify. She cares so deeply about her role in a process and consistently focuses on what she can do to improve the outcome.”

Our brand voice is just as important as our logo—and more convincing!
Copywriting has as much to do with clarity as it does creativity.
I will not ask the intern to write copy unless the intern is a damn good copywriter.
Bad copy is bad for business...especially the marketing business.
The right words cannot make up for the wrong message.
If everyone else is saying it. We will find something else worth saying.
If the writer doesn’t ask to see the research, we will run away. Very fast.
We will not call ourselves innovative unless we have actually innovated something (preferably more than once).
We will not say something with ten words that we could say better with five.
We will not use big words when small ones will do.

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