Did you say something?

It’s noisy out there.
Everyone talking, talking, talking.
Using the same words to say the same things.
Talking just to be talking.

Everyone but you. Right?

SparksFly is a boutique copywriting and content firm helping brands break away from boring, clichéd, copy. Built on the belief that all content is conversation and those who speak with their true brand voice give others something to talk about.

Is This What You’re Looking For?

  1. Verbal Brand & Messaging

    Here’s a test.

    Copy and paste some of the copy
    from your website into a document.
    Remove your logo, name, and product names. Use only the words.

    Now do the same for two of your competitors.

    Print those babies out and see if your employees can tell which one is you.


    Your brand voice is how your customers recognize you. Your brand message is how they relate to you.

    Both, when consistent, build trust.

    Lost your voice? We can find it.

  2. Copywriting

    Writing copy is hard.

    It’s more than just choosing the right words. It’s finding the right message for your unique audience.

    Knowing what they need to hear and saying it in a way that makes them act.

    For you, it might be a homepage headline that confidently affirms your visitor’s hopes and dreams.

    Or a “This is a little awkward” message on your 404 page that tells your customers that you’re human too.

    Maybe you need a six-word-gut-check that gives them permission to pick up the phone or get out their credit card.

    Maybe you need a copywriter.

  3. Content Development

    Content comes in paragraphs.

    Sometimes even in pages that your prospects will download, share, or pick-up and read in your lobby.

    The best content begins with a clear understanding of your audience.

    It tells a compelling story, makes a strong case, or fulfills a goal—their goal, not yours.

    Reading content is never the audience’s goal. Producing content shouldn’t be yours.

    Your goal should be to write something that helps them meet their goal.

    Or find someone to write it for you.

Maybe one of us should whisper.

Content is a conversation between your brand and your customers.
We could have a conversation too.